We work with the leaders who make a big impact on your organization

We work with leaders – as well as professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants) – in large, multi-national companies across a range of industries including Financial and Professional Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Energy, Technology, Telecommunications, as well as Government, and Not-for-Profit entities.

We work with two kinds of leaders and professionals:

1 ) ABRASIVE Leaders/Professionals who are causing emotional distress in co-workers sufficient to disrupt personal and organizational functioning.

Abrasive Leaders:

  • Dominate, intimidate, and over-react and then co-workers say things like: “It’s always his ideas and his decisions – he has no interest in collaborating and talking things out.”
  • Micro-manage, over-control and then co-workers say things like:  “You’d better get things exactly the way she wants them or she’ll permanently ignore you.”
  • Threaten and then co-workers say things like:  “He’s the ‘my way or highway’ type.”
  • Publicly humiliate and then co-workers say things like:  “She lashes out at people and talks down to them – anytime and anywhere.  She intimidates people and makes them feel stupid and worthless by picking holes in their positions.  She thinks she’s the only one who knows anything.”

Is this you – or do you know someone like this?

ABRASIVE Leaders are likely to be successful working with us if they are committed to accepting feedback and modifying their behaviors.

To introduce you to our coaching approach with Abrasive Leaders, click here.

2 ) SUCCESSFUL Leaders/Professionals who want to rapidly achieve breakthrough results so that they can perform at their optimum.

Successful Leaders:

  • Want to get to their next level of effectiveness.  One of the reasons that Successful Leaders are successful is because they are motivated to continue to learn, grow, and add value.  Successful Leaders ask themselves whether they know specifically what they need to do differently for tomorrow … and how to do it?
  • Are about to, or have just experienced, a transition such as having the scope of their responsibilities expanded, or adapting to a new role as a result of a promotion, or moving to a different department within the same company, or needing to assimilate/on board into a new company , etc. It is logical for the Successful Leader to want to continue to use the same skill sets that got them to this point. However, whether in an expanded or new role, job, or company, the leader needs to assess their current capabilities to determine what to continue to use, what to stop using, what to modify, and what to add.
  • Are bumping up against a common challenge that ALL Successful Leaders experience at one time or another such as: Imbalance between results and relationships, lack of teamwork/collaboration, inability to influence and resolve conflicts, weak executive presence, or resisting politics, etc..

These challenges often arise as a result of a new or bolder assignment such as implementing a large-scale initiative, or failure to get buy-in for a visible strategic decision, or unable to resolve a conflict with a key individual.  Or, bumping up against the political landscape, or needing more executive presence when dealing with senior co-workers, etc..

Is this you – or do you know someone like this?

SUCCESSFUL Leaders are likely to be successful working with us if they are committed to expanding their leadership repertoire by gaining insights, experimenting with new behaviors, and then focusing on being consistent in implementing their new behaviors.

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