Sara Jane Radin

Sara Jane Radin, the founder and managing director of Performance Advantage Systems, along with her Associate Coaches around the globe, is guided by the words of Max Planck who said:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Clients ‘get this’ during their coaching and then carry it with them…for life!

Sara Jane Radin’s own leadership background took off in high school as co-captain of the swim team.  She subsequently held leadership positions in four Fortune 50 Companies.  All of these experiences gave her the personal understanding to be able to empathize with her clients about their issues, challenges and pressures.

Sara Jane had originally planned to become a psychotherapist, but her career in Fortune 50 companies took her on a slightly different track.  She realized that, in a rapidly changing business environment, rapid improvement was key to helping leaders make needed personal, team, and organizational impacts.  So, instead of pursuing what had been her life-long dream of becoming a psychotherapist, she recognized that speed (winning laps in the pool) was more in her nature – and she became an executive leadership coach.

Consequently, after having received coach and assessment training, as well as special training in coaching Abrasive Leaders, she has, for the last twenty years, been using her background in Leadership, Psychology, Finance, and Marketing, in working with both Abrasive and Successful Leaders in large, global companies, and in the government sector, to support them in resolving their leadership challenges.

In addition, Sara Jane Radin has expertise in the Influencing arena.  She thought that since many of her clients (both Abrasive and Successful Leaders) struggle with organizational politics and leading change, she believed it would be helpful if she created a practical model and approach to guide her clients to strategically achieve their key business objectives by expanding their capacity to influence up, across, and down.  So, after researching what was available in the field of Influencing she created her own proprietary Influencing Technology (Influence2Win2).

Sara Jane had lived in the United Kingdom and works globally.  She has supported leaders in many vertical markets including Financial and Professional Services, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Technology and Telecommunications, The United Nations, as well as Government and Not-for-Profit entities.

Sara Jane has a B.A. in Psychology from New York University, an M.A. in Psychology from Columbia University and has taken executive courses in Finance and Marketing at Wharton.

She is certified to administer a wide variety of psychometric instruments as well as proprietary corporate 360 instruments.

Her global leadership roles, together with her academic background and extensive coaching successes, are valued by her clients as the ideal combination to help them address their leadership challenges within the context of their business priorities.

“Some people are good at what they do. Precious few are born to do it. Sara Jane is one of those precious few.”
Business Owner President

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