One-On-One Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching is a powerfull learning process which helps the leader move from his/her current self to their future self.  Over a period of time, through one-on-one confidential conversations, along with integrating learnings into the daily workflow, the leader strengthens new pathways to become a more effective leader.

Probably, the most valuable outcomes of the coaching process are around the benefits of ongoing self-awareness and continuous learning  – without which constant improvement, growth, and moving forward would not take place.

Bill Gates once said:  “Everyone needs a coach.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a baseball or tennis player, a gymnast or a leader.  Everyone needs a coach.”  Bottom line, it’s a sign of wisdom to have an Executive Leadership Coach.

“I have taken time out to reflect on one of the most important life changing events. It occurred as is a direct result of my coach, Sara Jane Radin. Sara Jane’s cautious probing and caring approach created a springboard for me to experience insights and open opportunities. To those that have the chance to work with Sara Jane, I would encourage them to take a deep breath and be prepared for positive changes, perhaps some that will be life changing.”
CEO – Global Procurement Company.”

To begin creating your future self…