Abrasive Leader Coaching

Abrasive Leader Coaching is an essential learning process which helps the leader shift his/her mindset from predominantly what needs to be accomplished to how it is accomplished – and, in so doing becomes a valued team member.

Since Abrasive Leaders, unintentionally, cause emotional distress in co-workers sufficient to disrupt personal and organizational functioning, they can cost a company millions of dollars.

Helping an Abrasive Leader, as soon as possible, become aware of how his/her emotions are driving their behaviors (actions and words) and using new interpersonal skills, co-workers stop complaining and fleeing which is essential for the effectiveness of the organization.

Thomas Carlyle once said: “Nothing is more terrible than activity without Insight”.

“She is no longer dominating!  She is collaborating and smiling!  People are no longer fleeing!  We now have a productive team!  Thank you, Sara Jane.”
SVP about her Managing Director at a Global Consumer Products Company.

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