Supporting Leaders in Addressing Unique Issues

We work with two kinds of leaders in large, global corporations: Successful Leaders and Abrasive Leaders.  We support them in addressing their unique issues so that they can be more effective.

Abrasive Leaders exhibit disrespectful, dangerous interpersonal behaviors.  Their words and actions create friction – causing emotional distress, alienating co-workers, and disrupting organizational performance.

The costs associated with Abrasive Leaders are staggering.  The Workplace Bullying Institute had estimated that between turnover and lost productivity an Abrasive Leader could cost a Fortune 500 company an astounding $24,000,000; add another $1.4 Million for litigation and settlement costs.  While all of the exact costs are not easy to calculate, it is clear that the costs are huge and, therefore, do indeed negatively affect the bottom line.

While Abrasive Leaders do not usually initiate a request for coaching, when the Abrasive Leader has been confronted with the positive consequences of changing their specific dysfunctional behaviors, and is then committed to working on the needed improvement, the Abrasive Leader can change via specialized coaching and become a collegial, respectful, and fully contributing member of the organization.

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Successful Leaders know that they will continue to be successful since they are motivated to continue to learn, grow and add value.  So, when they are faced with having expanded responsibilities or transitioning into a new job or a new company and want to achieve rapid results, they will seek out a rapid, effective developmental solution which is often coaching.

According to the renowned Sherpa Coaching Survey, it is more beneficial to measure the IOB – Impact on Business than the ROI from coaching.  The IOB (Positive Skills + Positive Behavior = Positive Impact On Business) comes from better/stronger/more effective business behavior which is the intent of Executive Coaching.

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